Would you eat a goat fetus?

Would you eat a goat fetus?

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A delicacy in India and a taboo most everywhere else, goat fetus is described as creamy and liver like…hmmmm.

IT IS CALLED KUTTI PI, and it is made of unborn goat, among other yummy ingredients. It is taboo even in India, the country of its culinary causation. Kutti pi (pronounced “cootie pie,” as in the germs that pig-tailed girls on the playground have) has its origins in the Anglo-Indian community, where it may be at once considered a delicacy and vehemently abhorred.

I say bring on the kutti pi. As long as I have a chaser of bourbon and perhaps a nearby rubbish bin, and I am not subject to the slimy, amniotic sight of the actual unborn goat. (I like goats. I think they are cute as well as delicious.)

But — and this is a Kardashian-proportioned but — I would likely only consider eating kutti pi in the context of a lengthy and transformative journey through India, in the holy light of cultural adventurism.

And really, only with bourbon.

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